Amazing Beach Bar

Last weekend some friends and I went for out for a drink on the amazing town of Sitges. We went walking by the marina and found this cute and elegant bar where we enjoyed some nice drinks. It has DJ on the outside terrace that plays the most amazing jams, you can even dance since there is a space in the terrace to do so!! It’s a great place to have a gay Sitges time 😀

This amazing bar not only has a great variety of cocktails, but it also has some fruity non-alcoholic drinks if you want to go with your teenagers. In addition to all this amazing thing this beautiful bar on the beach as to offer is the price. The cocktails are not very expensive and they offer great taste for a great price. The barman told me that they also have a restaurante and that during the days they also offer some tapas. I haven’t tried them yet, but since I had such a great experience I will definitely come back.


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