The different neighborhoods of Sitges

 Sitges has mainly including 9 different neighborhoods.


This is the neighborhood that is farther west of Sitges next to the promenade of Sitges. It is the area where the pure modernist style mansions that marked the golden age of Sitges where all the bourgeoisie of Catalonia wanted to be.

Today in Terramar are different architectural style where modernism of the 20s and modern design house is mixed. A good mix that the neighborhood looks good

The Terramar Park is a great pleasure for locals and tourists who want to see a different modernist paraqué. The Sitges Terramar Park is fun for children as there goalposts, swings and areas to play hide and seek.


El vinyet es la transición entre el Terramar y el centro de Sitges. El Vinyet tiene casas grandes, casitas y apartamentos. Es un barrio cómodo para vivir ya que a pocos minutos caminando llegas al centro del pueblo. Del barrio del Vinyet destacamos la Iglesia, preciosa en verano y popular por la gene local para celebrar bodas.

Iglesia Vinyet

Sitges center

The center of Sitges is also divided into the old and the new part. The old town does not provide with small picturesque streets where ancient artists like Santiago Rusiñol lived. One of the most beautiful parts is the reco of calm, as its name suggests is a place where peace reigns. Is worth to get lost in These Streets.




It is a residential neighborhood that is above the Port of Sitges. It is a neighborhood that was built in the 80s One of the most beautiful and peaceful areas of Sitges. From most of the windows of the houses you can see the sea and the construction of the buildings was made on a small mountain that has allowed almost all houses enjoy spectacular views of the sea and Sitges.


It is a young neighborhood, is a whole mountain house where all kinds. Luxury homes where pools end up in the infinite sea (Photo), houses a modern design that make us rethink how it would be our dream house. In this neighborhood there are shops and although the bus passes car is needed to move to the village because the slopes are steep. Levantina has the best vantage point of all Sitges.

Quint Mar

It is the neighborhood that is behind the Levantine, above the old water park in Sitges which unfortunately was abandoned for a couple of decades. Now there are small companies dedicated to activities like Paint Ball or Air crof. Quintmar also has many nice houses but note that it is a forgotten part where they are making arrangements to leave many beautiful.

Vall Pineda

It is another small valley that is just above Sitges center where there are more beautiful houses. Val Pineda has two fantastic tennis club and a huge equestrian.

This detail will surprise a lot to many of you. Val Pineda is the first Pacha in the world who was born in 1967 currently only open in summer.

Can Pei

It was called the house of the deaf, only 15 years ago there were only vineyards, one regentadas riding by gypsies and 4 cottages. Because of the boom he suffered Sitges is rezoned all these lands and new homes built


It is the neighborhood where Camping Sitges are done and keeps some of its biggest antiques. The first velodrome in Spain built in 1923. AN0 an oval circuit trta 2 KM. For many decades I was left abandoned. In recent years RedBull made a video with Carlos Sainz driving on this circuit. Several companies are also renting luxury vehicles to drive on the circuit Sitges.

Here the video



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