Sitges Surf Club. An amazing surf

Sitges Surf Club. An amazing surf

Sitges Surf Club
Sitges Surf Club
Readers, I have to explain an event that shocked me to take a stroll along the beach of the Marina, in the port of Aiguadolç, where I found the Sitges Surf Club.

I saw a group of children who were surfing. His behavior was fun and they were excited. However, there was something different in them that could not be clearly defined. I was surprised that two adults were pending from a child and the sweetness that treated him. As I was already tired of walking I sat down to watch children in general always make smile. After a while, I saw that adults were acting in a very coordinated manner, realized that it was a very targeted activity. By curiosity I started conversation and knew that it was a group of surf therapeutic targeting children autism spectrum.

I was invited to closer me, to see how the children were in the water and I had the opportunity to paddle surf. Sport that requires great balance (of times I fell cannot imagine how.)

I also knew that one of the monitors of surfing, Adrian is also a psychologist with a master in autism and uses part of their free time in this activity with the children of autism spectrum of philanthropic and unpaid form.

I could not but ask me many questions and think that my ignorance about autism spectrum disorders is summarized in a damning phrase: “Is an autistic child” as if that meant a headstone placed on the lives of these children.

I devoted myself to ask about the topic and as carrying out therapeutic surfing activity. This led me to know Sitges Surf Club, where are classes in Group of surf, paddle surfing, sup, skate, etc also individual big and for all types of people. Also have a campus of summer for children where they practice them sports of fashion; Surf, skateboard, longboard & cruiser, pool, surf, paddle surfing games and big sup.

The Sitges Surf Club was born in Sitges by a group of surfers “sitgetans” who have practiced this sport in the Mediterranean since its inception.

The surf seems a sport very of experts and of people healthy and away of any type of deficiency and have proven that not is so. It is surprising and interesting that they are determined to use this activity so playful that serves to enjoy and respect nature and make the children enjoy in the company and share to help these children.

100% recommended, if you want more information about classes that perform in Sitges Surf Club, here I leave a link.

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