The Major Town Festival Sitges

The Major Town Festival Sitges.

Declared a Festival of national interest.

You can not miss The Major Town Festival Sitges. Declared a Festival of national interest. Them first documents that have of the Festa Major de Sitges date of 1353.

Sitges has two patterns; Sant Bartomeu (August 24) and Santa Tecla (September 23). The party more relevant is that is celebrated in August.

“drac” and the Eagle are the symbols of Sitges and have special prominence in these parties appearing in the popular dances, out of hell, etc…


Some 800 citizens of the municipality are mobilized for the holidays. Among them we find ecclesiastical, civil authorities, flag or banner, “colles” as “gegants”, “castellers”, Devils, how cabezudos dance groups, canes, Gypsy dances, little, of tambourines, tapes, the moixiganga, two mythical grallers groups, group of drums, bands, orchestras… and several musicians.

Sant Bartomeu

The proclamation of August 21 is that introduces US to The Major Town Festival Sitges every year.

Grallers output
Grallers output

He 23 of August the people of the village expected with great enthusiasm and much emotion in the Cap of the Vila it entry of grallers of them different companies musical, which make enjoy to hundreds of people that after a great breakfast carry in the square waiting for listen them songs popular.

At lunchtime, there are the parish campaign touched and the people dance the two most important sardana (the process of Sant Bartomeu and La Festa Major).

Chief of the Devils. A landmark in the village, "Garsi"
Chief of the Devils. A landmark in the village, “Garsi”

Then we must prepare for the parade gegants, capgrossos dances… Some enthusiastically and some with a bit of fear hope the Devils with his fire (trucks) and above all the emblematic “drac” and Eagle which accompanied with drums of the different “colles” dancing under fire happily, but not take any other sparks. The Major Town Festival Sitges.

Devils with their trucks
Devils with their trucks

In the afternoon is the civic or the flag procession, where again dances to follow livening up the party.

"Gegants" and dances back popular
“Gegants” and dances back popular

At 23:00 h, on the beach of the frigate enjoy an incredible spectacle of pyrotechnics, the castle of fires, which you can see directly from the beach surrounded by a great festive atmosphere. The Major Town Festival Sitges.

A customized t-shirt of "colles" of Gralla players.
A customized t-shirt of “colles” of Gralla players.

Castle of fire

At the end of the castle of fireworks, held down the staircase of the tip, which consists of the popular dances and Devils to descend from the Church to the promenade, where is enlivened by some concert party or Orchestra.

On August 24, 6:00 h start the traditional distribution of flowers ladies. Later, held mass in honour to Sant Bartomeu pattern and at the end some with coffee in hand and others with the beer, “the morning” starts where once again to enjoy the dances and devils. The “castellers” also make their appearance.

After eating another procession takes place and gives way to the great and spectacular ‘final Carnival”. Where gather all “colles”, Devils, Eagle, drac, “gegants” and burn the latest trucks with the latest dances. Colossal moment, with great feeling by participants and spectators that gives purpose to these parties. Goose bumps.

Santa Tecla

The “Nit de foc” held a weekend before the start of Santa Tecla. The Fireworks with “dimonis” and “foc besties” is called a correfoc and ride you can see through the streets, Town Hall…

The ideal look for the holidays is a cap or hat, a scarf knotted in the nose and mouth, sunglasses, long sleeve t-shirt from natural fibers that do not burn with the sparks and comfortable shoes for running and dancing.

To the correfoc come different groupings of “dimonis” of other locations nearby.

The feast of Santa Tecla held between 22 and 23 September is very similar to the one of Sant Bartomeu but differs in a few aspects. The pendonista is a woman, the morning that takes place is more focused for children and the cercavila is done only in the afternoon. It’s a party with less inflow of people.

The feeling and emotion with which the Sitgetans live this holiday season has surprised me much. Since childhood, in schools and in families you live with great intensity, emotion and delivery, having young well a great knowledge and feeling of The Major Town Festival Sitges.

Festa Major. Sitges Church
Festa Major. Sitges Church

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